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Prefer Chemical-Free Vegetables?

Purchase a “SHARE” and receive a box of fresh produce weekly throughout the growing season.

Enjoy gardening yourself, but don't have the garden space or time for your own garden?

Come and spend some time puttering in our Back Acre Gardens.
Ask about our CSA Program.

Specialty Heirloom Plants and Produce

An Heirloom plant is one that was commonly grown during earlier times but is no longer used in today's large-scale agribusiness. To be an heirloom, a plant must be 'open-pollinated', meaning it will produce plants like the parents from seed. Besides preserving a part of our heritage we also find these plants to be typically more flavorful, hardy and pest-resistant.

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PoultryInterested in fresh farm raised Turkeys or Chickens?

We raise the white turkeys purchased at one day old from the hatchery and raised in the brooder for 3 weeks. Then we move them to the outdoors during the day and at night brought back to the barn for their protection.

Turkey orders require a $20.00 deposit and are butcher for Thanksgiving. Turkey sizes are approximately 15 to 24 pounds. Order the number of turkeys you want raised by the Kellner Farm by July 1, 2017. Price/pound is determined later in the season. Butchering is included.

Our chickens are hatched on the farm and stay in a brooder home for about 4 weeks. We then move them to the outdoors where they roam around the farm and brought in at night protecting them from predators.  (All our chickens, turkeys and beef cattle are raised without the use of hormones, chemicals or antibiotics.) 

We raise two types of chickens, broiler and stewing. 

  • A broilers chicken is perfect for roasting, grilling and also for frying. These chickens get about 6 to 8 pounds when we butcher them.  
  • Stewing chickens are older hens which no longer lay eggs.  This chicken is great for homemade soups and stews. The stewing chickens are about 3 pounds.

Order the number of chickens you want raised by the Kellner Farm by May 1, 2017.   View our order form for additional dates and ordering options.




Farm Fresh Brown Eggs Available All Year Round!!


Our Projected 2017 Harvest

We are now planning for 2017!! 
A listing of items will be coming soon. 
Please stop back.


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