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Kellner Back Acre Garden is a second generation family-owned and operated farm conveniently located two miles off of Interstate Highway 43 in Denmark, Wisconsin.

We are excited about the interest expressed by our shareholders in the CSA.  It’s nice to know that many others share our belief in getting back to a chemical free lifestyle.  With the increased interest in our naturally grown produce, we have had to add another greenhouse.  In addition, we are putting in a new irrigation system this year to assist us in meeting these increasing demands.

Kellner Back Acre Garden was recently featured in the Green Bay Press Gazette.   CLICK HERE to read the article.

We were also featured on WFRV.        CLICK HERE to read the article.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
CSA refers to a partnership between a farmer and a community of supporters. At the end of our harvest season we offer reservations for the upcoming year’s harvest.  We use this money to cover the cost of seeds, fertilizer, equipment maintenance and labor. In turn, we provide a healthy supply of fresh produce throughout the growing season, which is usually early June through September, possibly into October.

When CSA members make this commitment, they are supporting the farm throughout the season and are sharing the costs, risk and bounty of growing food along with the farmer.  This mutually supportive relationship between local farmers and community members helps to create economically stable farm operations in which members are assured the highest quality produce.  In return, farmers are assured a reliable market for a variety of crops.



How does a CSA work?

When community members purchase a “SHARE”, they receive a box of fresh produce (usually enough for a family of four) once a week for the growing season. Each week’ share consists of produce harvested that week and divided among the shareholders.  Our harvest starts with cool weather plants, and continues throughout the growing season as each crop matures. It is important to understand the operating procedures of the CSA share purchased, as to get the most benefit from it.  In addition to healthy produce, CSA farms also provide a focal point for education and community building.

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